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What do Customers Say?

Ron Hansen Creates Sales.

"I can't thank you enough. EVERYONE comments on the beautiful label art work.
I am so glad I met you and had the opportunity to work with you. FANTASTIC JOB!!!"
              – Diana, Sun seasoned Foods

"I am writing to you to express my gratitude for your support and kindness. You are a blessing in my life."
              – Scott, Caribbean Wave Cocktails

"Thanks for all the great design work since we started. I think so highly of you and Brenna."
              – David, Citadel Nutrition

"Thank you so much for making us a badass label. It's been a pleasure working with you."
              – Janel and Scott,  Family Tradition BBQ Sauces

"WOW! I can't put into words the admiration I have for your talent.
You and Setsuko have to be the nicest people I know."
              – Patti, HPMS

"The beer is selling very well. Many customers complement the beautiful artwork and colors on the bottles and six packs."
              – Liza, Zwanzig Brewing

"You labels and designs have turned out to be fantastic. It is a pleasure working wIth you...."
              – Benny, Open Seas Fish Co.

              – Leanne, Australian Kitchen Co.

"Sudwerk is the only authentic Pale Ale brewery in Switzerland, producing exclusively hand brewed ales for the Swiss Market. We turned to Ron Hansen as we were keen to convey an Authentic Americana Motif to our brand. We wanted to work with someone collaboratively and quickly. Frankly put, Ron delivered a Bull's Eye. Not only has he created two winning labels for us, which continue to fetch numerous compliments from out customers, also we have to give his designs credit for helping to win us an almost 200,000 bottle order from Switzerland's largest grocery retailer! I can't tell you how many requests I get from label collectors. Thanks's Ron!"
              – Sudwerk Brauerei, Switzerland

"Creative. Selling everyday now for 15 years. Nation wide."
             Masa Terad, Rikki Rikki Salad Dressing

"Looks Fantastic. TOP CLASS."
             Jeff McClelland, Mickie's Juices

"Nahuel wine has seen a 300% Growth per year. Thanks to your brand and label design."
             John Byrum Patagonia Wines

"Sauce is flying off the shelf at Whole Foods."
             Scott Tharp, MFT Sauces

"Your awesome to work with...amazing professionalism at getting everything done so quickly."
             – Loan Nguyen, Le's Bakery

"Ron has taken our small brewery to a national brand, when it comes to branding and message.
Sales are way up. Folks love our labels so much they are calling for copies to collect."
             – Mike McCleary, Cavalry Brewing

"The best ever we worked with. You got us Walmart and Whole Foods."
             – Pin Hsiano, Antonina's Bakery

"Frankly the best we ever worked with."
             – Daniel, Citadel Nutrition

"I LOVE the sketch just the way it is. You're amazing!! We think they ALL look fantastic! You are doing such an amazing job! Keep up the great job!!"
             Diana Gammon, Sunseasoned Raw Foods

"Thank you Ron! I think you're awesome to work with as well! Thank you so much for being patient with me and for your amazing professionalism at getting everything done so quickly!"
             Loan Nguyen, Le's Deli