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How to choose the best food product label designer?

When hiring a label designer you want talent, experience, product knowledge and creative thinking: the ability to meet the budget and deliver the print-ready files on time. Your designer should be skilled in various printing types, specifically labels and boxes. It’s important they understand the retail environment and channels of distribution.

Another aspect to note is experience. How many products have they designed that are on the shelf? What stores are they featured in? And the key to your profit: How long have they been on the shelf? 60% of food products fail. You need a designer that can repeat success.

Pick someone who has talent and a vision and isn’t afraid to say so. It’s ok for a designer to tell you when they think their idea may sell better than what you had in mind. Most importantly you need someone that can deliver a logo and product label that will stay popular for years.

A few tips that may help when it comes time to collaborate with the designer: take their advice. Do not micro manage. This is their area of expertise. Trust that they will carry your product to success. They know how to pull the eye of a busy shopper from across the aisle.

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