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How To Create A Successful Beverage Package Design

There are many things to think about when creating a successful beverage package design. Your color choice attracts a specific customer profile. Where you place the beverage renderings on the box matters. How is it going to sit on the shelf, flat horizontal or narrow tall? It is important to ask the distributor before you start the box design to eliminate unnecessary errors and know exactly what you’re dealing with right off the bat.

Decide a theme and find which key product is suitable to present on the box, for example, a painting of a fruit tree used for a product made with organic fruit. Try a modern type with a post-modern pattern theme, or use a big logo. A beautiful photo of your drink’s ingredients can make all the difference when done correctly. There are lots of options, so try different things.

An important aspect to note is to use quality images. It’s perfectly ok to use photos from a national stock image site, or you can hire a professional retail packaging artist or food photographer. iPhones may take great photos when your platform is social media, but not necessarily for your package design. Art contests are often used, but can come across as cheap, so be careful.

Successful beverages have a unique brand personality. Think of a few popular beverage companies like Monster, SmartWater, or Coca Cola. They present the main product benefit well.

When writing the box copy, keep it brief. For example, “Organic. No chemicals or dyes added. Low Carbs.” Remember to always list the box size on all copy documents. The team who approves the content must know the size limits at all times.

Your label size will force you to edit down. Don’t make the label too wordy. Use concise descriptions. Remember, this has to grab the customer’s eye from three feet away. Clutter does not sell, white space and big images do.

Design is key. Make it attractive and impactful. The main reason consumers pick up beverages is the design. Do not crowd the box with unimportant excess and expect the designer to make it pretty. If the box panels are filled with 80% content, you’ve failed. Less is more.

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